A very warm welcome to Darul-Tarbiyah!

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we are delighted to announce that admissions are now open for our school through your support and Duaa.
We recognise that every young Muslim needs to strive to acquire knowledge in all aspects that affect mankind’s existence; from historical to contemporary, from academic to vocational, from pragmatic to dogmatic and from Islamic to secular.

Prophet’s statement

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

Acquiring knowledge is an obligation laid upon every Muslim

Therefore we provide students from ages 5 to 16 with basic knowledge starting with teaching them the recitation of the Quraan with its rules and regulations, Islamic studies in which they become aware of how to be a proper muslim , and etc… so that they may be prosperous here in this world and which can create bright futures for them.

Our mission

Our mission is to see and make sure that every student who graduates from here is taught basic knowledge of Islam in which if he/she is to go out in the world he/she is able to differentiate between what is right and wrong while being taught the social skills and manners of being a Muslim to such an extent and degree that the student can benefit himself/herself out in any way possible like how it was at the time of the our Prophet Muhammad ( SAW)

Core Values

– Ihsan (strive to excellence)
– Rahma (Mercy- express mercy for all)
– Adab – Respect
– Muhasabah – introspection and reflective accountability

Make A Difference

DARUL TARBIYAH Academy is a non-profit organization. Please contribute to our school and be a part of a continuous charity. You can make a general donation towards the school or contribute to the many projects.


Tarbiyah Program
Darul’s Tarbiyah program consists of Themed-Morning Assembly and Monthly Character Education which allows an ongoing nurturing of character based Islamic Knowledge (Quran stories, Hadith for children, and Seerah)
Morning Hifdh Program
Our morning Hifdh program allows our students to immerse in Quran memorization early in the morning before studying academic subjects. The program is designed to allow students of all levels to engage in memorization of Quran in the traditional method by Ijaazah-certified Huffaz Teachers.

Cultivating Academic Excellence with Islamic Principles.

Why Darul Tarbiyah Dallas Academy?

Rigorous and differentiated Academic curriculum based on Learning Standards

Caring and Qualified Teachers

Supportive learning environment

Variety Of School Enrichment Programs throughout the Academic year: Arabic spelling Bee, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Seerah Fair, Ramadan Exhibition, Quranic Arabic, Quran Competition

Low student-to-teacher ratio for individualized attention


Exposure to green space/atrium (proven to decrease stress and anxiety, increase cognitive abilities and memory)

Under supervision and guidance of certified Scholars (ulema)

Faith-Centered Education

Evidence-based Textbooks from top publishers


Upcoming Events