About Us

About Us

Before Darul Tarbiyah was formally established, It had a vast history. Quranic studies have been taught in our location since 2009, Student after student learned and completed the introductory courses.

we have special programs such as providing students with needs and resources to support them in their financial needs and situations


A masjid and maktab were opened at Darul Tarbiya’s current location under Imam Abdul Majid who at the time recently moved from overseas. There were about 20 students from the Burmese community.


The First Jalsah of the School occurred. The school grew bigger and the number of students increased to 70.


The school reached its peak so much that there were 300 students. Many events took place this year to such an extent that the Jalsah for this year was the largest.


Because of many issues and problems with the city, the school was temporarily shut down until further notice.


The issues were solved, and the school reopened with 50 students.


The school has been officially named Darul Tarbiyah, an organization was made for it and the number of students increased upto a 100.