Our curriculum

Students are divided based on their level and stages.
We have four stages set up solely for students.

Stage 1

– Beginner’s rules of Qaidah
– The Kalimahs & Duaas of daily life

Stage 2

– Intro to Basic fiqh
– The fundamentals of Islam
– Halfway to the ⅔ of Qaidah
– More Duaas
– Intro to Salaah (taught physically)

Stage 3

– Level 2 of basic fiqh
– Intro to Prohet Muhammad’s( SAW) biography on history ie Seerah
– First or Second completion of Qaidah

Stage 4

– Level 3 of basic fiqh
– The full information and understanding of the Prophet’s Seerah
– The depth understanding of our beliefs
– Master of all the Kalimahs
– Memorization of 70 Duaas and up
– Intro to basic rules of Tajweed
– Intro to basic recitation with its proper melody of Quran
– Note: ( A student at this level has either started Quran or either he/she is halfway